We are a group of friends getting together from different parts
of the world to bring you fun and interesting things to do.
Nick Jahn
Audrey LoPresti
Erin Gurry
Nick, AKA Surly, is the magazine's dating expert!
Check out his insightful stories as he tries,
desperately, to find a date in this crazy world. You
can find him in Tennessee, living the good life and
watching sports. His favorite food is steak, but he
has been known to purchase Harvard football
tickets just to get sandwiches for lunch.
A true New York native, Audrey knows fun! She is
our expert on everything "vacation!" Her stories
will bring you to the heart of the cities that she
visits. Crazy, and I mean that in the nicest way,
don't be surprised if you run into her playing the
piano steps on the floor of the piano bar. If you
want to find the key to her heart, try Key Lime pie!
Deirdre Gurry
Copia's Copy Editor, Erin, also writes the book
reviews for our magazine. Although she sometimes
needs reminders that not every book can be
"5-stars," she has a great taste for American
Literature. Known for eating ice cubes, she can be
found Geocaching in the Pocono wilderness or
driving to the Jersey Shore.
Deirdre can't seem to figure out what she wants to
do when she grows up. She doesn't even know if
she WANTS to grow up. With more hobbies than
she can keep track of, Deirdre is the magazine's EIC
and is constantly trying to convince everyone to
try new things. If you are out looking for her, you
might begin in Never Never Land.
Other Contributors:
W. Lee Hunt

Richard Lopresti

Reed Domnik www.2020-photography.com

Kurt Weiss www.weissphotography.com

Herb Holman

Eric Castro

Jennifer Andrews: See her at

Ed Mcalister http://www.gearpro.com/ ,

Goldie Gibbs wewantplayoffs.wordpress.com

Day Yann http://yannview.aminus3.com

It took three years to settle on
the name Copia. We tried
"Foot Notes," "Red's
Revenge," "Catch Me," and
many others. They were all
terrible. I can't remember how I
thought of Copia, but I
remember telling my friend
Tammi while we were riding our
bikes out to the brewery for
lunch one day. As soon as I
said it aloud I knew it was "the
one!" After some searching on
the internet I found this site
talking about the background
behind the word Copia. It fit so
well and I am so excited to
share it with you!

COPIA "abundance of words
and expressions."

Thank you Gideon O. Burton!
Copia Magazine
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JoAnna Haugen www.joannahaugen.com
JoAnna caught the travel bug at an early age and
has been avoiding vaccinations to get rid of it ever
since. When she's not on the road, she can be
found scribbling away in her home office with a cat
on her lap, a dog at her feet and a cup of hot cocoa
nearby. Follow her journeys at Kaleidoscopic
Christopher Reilly
Christopher has show business in his blood, but
he's getting treatment for it. As a remedy, he
spends his days writing on a variety of topics and
working on his first novel, a detective mystery.
When he isn't working, he enjoys spending time
with friends. He is an avid cook, specializing in
simple fare, well-prepared with fresh ingredients.
See more of his work on Hubpages.

Karen Banes
British born, but an eternal wanderer, Karen has
worked a wide (and weird) variety of jobs in
England, Australia, USA, the Netherlands and
Spain. She is currently living in Canada, but close
friends have learned to only ever pencil her
address into their address books. As long as she
has her laptop and a semi reliable internet
connection she writes, blogs, and generally forces
her opinion on others from wherever she is in the
world. She loves seeing new places, learning new
things and eating new food - not necessarily in
that order.

Jen digs travel and things that are generally
off-beat. With a curious fascination for maps
and globes, she's been on the move since age 2.
She itches to keep on traveling and while others
despise long drives in the car and road trips, Jen
adores them, whether travelling with others or
alone. You can follow her at

Jennifer Goetz