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My Side of the Mountain

by Jean Craighead George. (Penguin USA, 1959)

Jean Craighead George creates an entertaining, yet informative story that taps into every young child's dream of running away. My Side of the Mountain tells the tale of a young boy determined to make it on his own in the wilderness, despite the lack of encouragement from his father. It's a classic getting back to basics story, which follows Sam Gribley as he acquires the knowledge of survival. Copia Magazine My Side of the Mountain review

Settling on a piece of his grandfather's land in the Catskill Mountains, Sam teaches himself how to live a relatively simple life without the amenities of home. A terrible blizzard requires Sam to perfect his daily routines as the snow cuts off his food supply and threatens to force him back home. Outfitted with just his wits, Gribley learns to hunt, cook nutritious meals, and prepare for the impending seasonal changes with little help from the outside world. Filled with willow whistles, falcons and tree houses, Sam's high spirit and fortitude continue to entertain readers at any age and will for generations.

Review By Erin Gurry
Rating: 4 out of 5 Copia Magazine Tails

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