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Crow Lake

by Mary Lawson. (Bantam Dell, 2002)

There is a place called Crow Lake, which on the surface appears to be a quaint town with quiet, peaceful inhabitants. Underneath the tranquility there lies unforgivable secrets and fears. A tragic event leaves the Morrison children orphaned and wondering how to go on with the only life they have even known. They discover that the decisions they make now will affect not only their futures, but also the history of the entire town. Family struggle and financial hardships shape the life of the Kate, a Morrison orphan. She has had to watch her brothers make mistakes and sacrifices to protect each other. Now that she has grown and moved away, coming back to Crow Lake brings back memories and the dreadful feeling of remorse. She struggles to accept the past and in turn, it continues to haunt her future. Copia Magazine Crow Lake review

While all of us have had determining experiences that affected our future, this story shows how important each decision can be. Although the storyline has terrific potential, it begs for fewer toggles between the past and future. Kate's childhood setting has adequate potential for a fully self-contained narrative without the need for the jump to future events. However, Crow Lake is an acceptable read with a fresh plot. Lawson has created wonderful characters with cherished relationships in a simple, rural setting.

Review By Erin Gurry
Rating: 3 out of 5 Copia Magazine Tails

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