- Goldie
I began in Hampton, and cruised through the Ohio Valley. Paused in Chi-town, and
ventured through Ontario. Re-entered the United States in New York, then
Pennsylvania, New Jersey and eventually matriculated my way back to VA.

9 Days. 10 States. 1 Canadian territory. 3,300 miles.

Roadtrippin', yes indeed!

My first stop was in Washington DC, which is familiar territory. I figured I'd connect
with my folks in the area and hit the typical spots, but not this time. My homeboy
found a sorority alumna party; and of course, I was down. The site was jumping
from the door, full of the "Old Playas in the Club". I always laugh at these dudes,
chasing after dolled-up sorority sisters who act as if they don't desire the attention
of the callers past their prime. But once attached, the odd couples danced
shamelessly, grinding on each other out-of-sync and out-of-rhythm. Yeah, I laughed
out loud at the "old playas", silently praying that I never become like them.

From DC, I meandered the mountainous regions of West Virginia through a gray,
foggy mist. I paid a visit by the University of West Virginia in Morgantown. The
bartender and patrons alike were eager to discuss Coach Bob Huggins and the
Men's basketball team's win over the highly touted Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA
basketball tournament. Although the campus was void of co-eds due to Spring
Break, the town was still abuzz over their chances in the forthcoming Final Four.
(Ah, playoffs. . . how I love thee!)

Moving on. My next stops were in Columbus and Dayton, Ohio. I simply could not
forgo the opportunity to stroll through the sprawling campus of "THE" Ohio State
University - such a proud institution. The fast paced, high-tech campus seemingly
had no end, as it spread endlessly throughout the city of Columbus with
world-class athletic, academic, and student facilities. I tried, but failed in my
attempt to slip into the "Horseshoe" - one of college football's most hallowed
stadiums. I was bummed that it was so well protected from such clandestine fans
like me. In Dayton, I was able to catch up with some dear, dear friends from
college and their precious baby girl. I left jealous of their young, yet beautiful and
loving family.

I continued westward from Dayton and briefly paused in Indianapolis, site of the
NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four. The "Circle City" is also home of the
remarkable Butler Bulldogs, who came within a mere smidgen of winning this
year's national championship. Oh, they were so, so close! Alas and grudgingly I
must say. . . "Congrats, Dukies."

I hung out with my cousin, Shayla, in Chicago. I'd marry her if she wasn't so short,
or my cousin - she showed me so much love! We hung out at Mexican restaurant,
and enjoyed our time reminiscing on our days of old. We also noticed that fellow
patrons in the restaurant were quite amorous, as couples around us were
intimately engaged in vigorous, kissy-face activities in their booths of the barrio.
Our poor, embarrassed mesera blamed their carnal behaviors on the margaritas
served. If Shayla and I were drinking that night, we would likely have requested the
same potent potion. But we didn't, thank God; 'cause playing kissy-face with your
cousin is gross.

After a few intermediate stops in Ann Arbor and South Bend, I found myself in
Toronto, Canada, where I crashed an engineering convention. The NSBE
convention was the original purpose for this adventure, and I intended to meet and
greet fellow engineers and young professionals. As anticipated, the convention
was a great experience full of opportunities to network with fellow engineers and
young professionals, and to glean valuable insights from industry and community
leaders. World renowned businessman Mr. George C. Fraser spoke an amazingly
impactful word emphasizing excellence and compassion to an audience of a few
thousand. The NSBE convention was also an opportunity to party. I may be wrong,
but perhaps people who sport pocket protectors party the hardest.

I left the convention two days early in order to make it back to Hampton before the
time allotted for my exploratory Spring Break expired. I returned to the States
through New York, and paid their excessive tolls. Passing through Pennsylvania, I
spent the night with my home girl in East Orange, New Jersey and then took a day
trip to see some good friends in Philly. After Easter Sunday service - and more
than a week full of intrigue and impulsiveness - I was Hampton bound.

But what a journey it was! I am so very grateful to all my friends and family that held
me down on the solo, semi-cross country/international roadtrip. I'm also grateful to
not have earned a speeding ticket, even though my lead foot got carried away at

Where I'll go next, who knows? Just give me a GPS, a full tank of gas, and clear
the roads!


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