Confessions of a College Football Junkie
- Goldie
Jan 4, 2010. I flew into Phoenix, AZ to watch the Fiesta Bowl
between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Broncos of Boise
State University. This was the first of two college football bowl
games, and I was very eager to see Boise State play in person.
They are often disrespected as a football team due to their
relatively weak regular season schedule and, well, because
they are from Idaho. Although both teams entered the contest
undefeated, I felt that TCU would win as they had one of the
most complete teams this season. Both teams had fantastic
2009 campaigns though, and the Fiesta Bowl was set to be a great game; but
there's so much more to the college football bowl experience than the game!

I traveled by myself to Arizona, and was a neutral spectator, however, I had no
problem making several purple-and-white and blue-and-orange clad friends! It
was a most festive site indeed, as the barbecue, beer, and boasting flowed
liberally around the stadium. Each fan base was confident that their squad was to
be victorious and retain an unblemished record at the game's end. While
partaking in some good-ole Texas brisket, a team of TCU coeds were detailing
the "awesomeness" of their defense. Moments later in the opposite corner of the
parking lot, some nice old ladies from Boise were describing the dedicated,
resilient work ethic of their football team while sharing "Bronco Burgers" with me.
Both groups of fans were excited, passionate and ready to go! It was incredible,
and this was only the tailgate!

The Fiesta Bowl, played indoors at the University of Phoenix Stadium,
was jumping from the moment I walked into the stadium! Horned Frog
fans with bent fingers belligerently chanting "T-C-U!" were determined
to intimidate (or punk) the milder Boise State faithful. But don't be
misled; Boise's fans raised their fair share of raucous once the game
was underway as they echoed "BOISE" - "STATE" at the first hint of
silence. The connection between the Boise State's football team and
its fans was surreal, unlike any I've yet experienced! Sadly, I had to
leave a great game at halftime and Boise State was the eventual
winner. I, on the other hand, was headed back to the airport to catch
my flight to Miami for the Orange Bowl.

Jan 5, 2010. I tried to catch some sleep on the red-eye flights back east but failed
miserably to fully rejuvenate myself. Fortunately, it didn't take much for me to get
excited about the night game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and my team, the
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The scene in and around Landshark Stadium was
not quite as festive as the Fiesta Bowl the night before. The unseasonal and
unreasonable chill experienced in Miami definitely hindered the reveling of those
fans anticipating warmer temperatures. It was that cold, and the wind didn't help!
For Iowa's fans, they admittedly felt right at home and were quick to comment that
the temps were nearly 25 degrees warmer in Miami than up in Iowa City. And
there were so many Iowa fans; the way they outnumbered the Yellow Jacket
supporters was downright embarrassing. Their contingent was fun, partying hard
and singing songs about America's heartland! It was my hope that our football
team would at least win, and somehow rectify a rather disappointing turnout - but
that didn't happen either. Iowa's defense prepared well for the mighty Georgia
Tech offensive machine, and dominated the game. I walked out of the stadium

Jan 6, 2010. After attending two games in two days in two cities in two different
time zones, I traveled home happily exhausted. I set out on this trip knowing that it
would be a blast, but I couldn't have imagined enjoying myself with perfect
strangers like I did. Yeah, my team lost and that put a damper on things, but the
loss will serve as additional motivation in the 2010 season for Georgia Tech! I'm
already planning on which games and venues to hit next year, and I can't wait! Did
I mention I love college football?


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