Wrapped Up

- Audrey LoPresti

Louis Hellenic Cruises - remember that name - We had NO idea what we were in for - NONE. This was NOT a cruise ship - it was more like a glorified ferry and our room was similar to a dungeon!!! Copia Magazine Greece

Okay, so picture it: NOBODY spoke English; smoking was ALLOWED; there were these TERRIBLE singers who kept on singing the same verse over & over again; there was NO personal space; NO lines; NO manners; NO respect!!! It was a true experience that we hope to never experience again...lol.

Thank God CAVO PARADISO {Paradise Beach} in MYKONOS lived up to it's name. It was honestly the best time I've ever had - from what I remember...haha! Tropicana Bar, next door, wasn't so bad either with the Elephant Man. I mean, how often do you get to be in Paradise???

"He's like a Dolphin in Paradise!" quoted Jaime. I LOVE IT HERE!!! We didn't want to leave! Of course we almost missed the boat {what else is new?}. But after we got on board, Jaime & I proceeded to end up back stage with the Latin Dancers & they put us ON STAGE with them during their show!!!

Our early morning call was the Turkish Port of Kusadasi in Turkey!!! We explored the Bazaar where they sell knock off everything - including "fake genuine watches"...

Later we docked at Patmos - where I strongly suggest NOT going to the beach! We visited St. Johns Monastery - that was my one religious experience {that was for you, mom!}

That night was our cocktail HALF HOUR party - yes, you heard correctly. We had to drink real quick...lol. We danced and sang Karaoke all night long - it was a lot of fun!!!

Another suggestion: DON'T get off the boat in Crete to visit Heraklion Town & have crepes - not a good idea. Trust me on this one...

Okay, ready for the most romantic place in the world????? SANTORINI.

This volcanic island is the Cycladic chain of islands. After taking a cable car up the mountain {where I thought we were going to crash into the mountain}, it was the most breathtaking site I've ever seen - FIRA.

Until we took a bus even farther up to OIA - it was SURREAL!!! It's narrow paved streets and white and blue rooftops with plenty of boutiques and cafes make this one of the most amazing places I've ever witnessed!

My only regret is not taking the donkey down the mountain...next time.

Our trip ended with a musical night at the Piano Bar where Jaime took over the place! It was the most unbelievable trip of a lifetime and as they say in Greece: CALISERA - Good night...
xoxo...Audrey LoPresti

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