Weekend in Montreal

- Audrey LoPresti

My friend Lori decided that before she ties the knot, she wanted to go to a foreign country. Lori doesn't FLY...{don't even bring up our 33 1/2 hr. trip to South Beach FL via Greyhound...lol} Copia Magazine City Chick

On our 5 1/2 hr drive to Montreal, Canada we realized that we were headed to a FRENCH country, so we should brush up on the local language...

We brainstormed a list of words that we figured would be helpful to us on our journey:
Most important phrase: BON APPETIT - enjoy your meal
Bon Jour - hello >>> Au Voirre - goodbye
wiwi - yes, thank you >>> Bagn - bathroom
Frar a jacque - How are you? >>> Dorme Vu - I am sleepy {thank you kindergarten...}
Of course no trip to French Canada would be complete without:
French Fries, French bread, French twist, French braid, French crueller, French dressing, French martini & above all the FRENCH KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are other French terms others may find helpful:
bon bons - French Ice cream
Croissant - French pastry
Brie - French cheese
Croquette - French Potatoe
Duvet - French slip cover
Cartier - French watch
Celine Dion - French singer
and 3 French Hens in the 12 days of Christmas...
Plie & Rondevu - French dance moves that we definitely used in the clubs...
Vule vu cushe a may swa say swa {absolutely horrid spelling...just don't say while you're drunk at a bar}

Then we learned some new words:
Arret - STOP >>> Attendre - WAIT >>> Ovuert - OPEN >>> Ferme - CLOSED
These words came in very useful b/c Canadian men are very pushy!!!

Ok, now for the actual story...
When we arrived at HOTEL DE LA MONTAGNE a spinning naked lady greeted us in the lobby - she was a statue, don't get too excited - along with 2 enormous elephants spitting out water with this spectacular chandelier - what a welcome! Luckily our room made up for the glittery lobby. After we settled in, we were starving {naturally}, so we decided to eat at RUEBEN'S DELICATESSEN because there was so many of them we figured it had to be good - we were right!!! Then we went to "AMOR" {French for LOVE} for Happy Hour - apparently it wasn't too exciting b/c I don't remember much about it...lol. Copia Magazine Montreal

That night we went to ST. LAURONT STREET - a famous street where all the cool bars are. We ended up at GO GO BAR {don't let the name fool you, even though there are strip clubs on every corner, this wasn't one of them...}. After we ate dessert at SOFIA - yummy; & ended up dancing the night away at ROUGE. We were the first ones there & the last ones to leave. But when you're used to going out in NYC, this street was no different. You're also used to After Hours...the place to be was THURSDAYS - surprisingly our hotel was the HOTTEST SPOT in MONTREAL - who knew??? I even got proposed to at "THE CLUB" which I sadly declined...:(

Then next day I made Lori walk all over Montreal { I think she wanted to kill me!!!}. We did a little shopping and experienced OLD MONTREAL. Our moms were very happy we went inside NOTRE DAME BASICLICA. That church was one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been inside!

Lunch was PINO for pizza - not the best pizza in the world but PINO was really nice...:)

If we thought PINO pizza was bad, we hadn't eaten anything yet. The natives told us that the best Italian food was VIA FORTUNA in the CASINO. Grant it, the CASINO was really cool - a stadium on the water/ 7 different levels - but the food was TERRIBLE...the Olive Garden would have been better!!! Copia Magazine Montreal

After we almost threw up we wanted to check out CRESCENT STREET. We heard this was the block to be on, only we were the oldest ones on the block!!! When we were in NEW CITY, the young kids sent us to PINOCCHIO'S {90's music} where people more our age hang out. We walked by, laughed hysterically, and ended up back again at THURSDAYS. As we looked at the dance floor at THE CLUB we kept seeing different people passing by. Lori thought they were all doing some Canadian dance similar to our Cha Cha slide or something. Until we stepped on the dance floor and realized it was moving - it was a REVOLVING DANCE FLOOR!!! Let's just say the rest of the evening was a lot more fun...

As we said our final goodbyes to Montreal, we enjoyed some crepes {note to self: stick to French food in Montreal} & looked forward to our long drive home.

We came up with some trivia on the way home:
What is the First Historical Capital of New York?
What bridge do you cross over after exit 21 on the thruway?
Where could you take your kids for a rocking good time?
Where is Ft. Ticonderoga located?

FYI: Lori & Joey are now happily married & waiting to visit their dream place: The Boat & RV Warehouse and Campers Barn 80 miles outside NYC on I 87...:)

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