Greece (The Journey Continues)

- Audrey LoPresti

TOO IMPORTANT >>> Those were the only words they knew...they, meaning the Naples Boyz with the megaphone...this boat was rockin!!! Giuseppe and roulette "Buona Fortuna" & that's all I'm going to say about the overnight ferry to Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Copia Magazine Greece

Day 6
Welcome to the Divani Corfu Palace - a beautiful 4 star hotel - YEAH - an elevator and a pool - can we stay here for the rest of trip???

Lucky us it was St. Patty's day in Corfu - you can only imagine...

We all enjoyed GROUPOS restaurant dish crashing - OPA!!!!!!!!!!! - and the potato dance. Then it was off to the club where some random boy threw me over his shoulder and ran out on the dock to try & kiss me - nobody said anything about the European's being

Day 7
The next day was by far my favorite >>> meet George - the Captain of GEORGE'S BOAT {the fun boat...really, really fun...} We were off to a great start! I finally made it parasailing with Jaime!!!!!

It was the most surreal experience of my life!!!!! Flying above the clouds - 'Can we let go yet?' Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, George served his authentic Greek food...YUM! Believe it or not, I actually liked the food in Greece better than in Italy {Don't tell my family}. Copia Magazine Greece

We docked at Skinny Dippy; Tiki Wiki; Hanky Panky Island - let's just say the name speaks for itself...

After dinner at IL CARBONARO we were off to our TOGA Party - yes we all HAD to wear a toga!!!

This is where I drank too much and met Haydn - this dude from Australia. I guess his accent threw me off because after I got the pictures developed we realized he looked like a Centaur...hahaha!!!!!!!

Day 8
Road to Athens...

We visited the Corinth Canal & some other remote town {forgot the name} before arriving at...Arion Hotel, Athens > located on the corner of prostitution and crack alley. We were in a prime location!

It's not too far from the PLAKA District which is very, very nice.

First stop - First Modern Olympic Stadium and then the Acropolis and Panthenon - which were absolutely amazing {& under construction - when isn't it? lol}!!!

After an exhausting day, it was time for dinner at PLATANOS Restaurant with the Bouzouki music and traditional Greek dancers. No trip to Athens would be complete without going to a SoHo Lounge - it was like you never left NYC!!!!!! And of course we had to make a pit stop at the Hard Rock Cafe just to take a picture. {I had to search for Harley Davidson for my dad.}

Also you must watch the changing of the guards - shh...NO speaking or smiling...:)

And this trip isn't over yet...wait til you here about our cruise to the Greek Islands...more next month...xoxo

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