FIRE ISLAND...Long Island's Best Kept Secret

- Audrey LoPresti

I was sooo excited to finally get to F.I. I've been wanting to go for years and when my friend Matt said come on down {after a lil coaxing because his house was}, I said Hell Yeh, let's go!!! Copia Magazine: Fire Island

For those of you who are FI virgins, you have to take a ferry to get to this fabulous place. Jen & I were in route...I thought, mistakenly, that you could take your car on the ferry. I couldn't have been more wrong. Here I was with a suitcase, beach bag, shoe bag, pocketbook, 4 bottles of wine & a feather bed!!!!!!!!! Yes, we had to WALK to the ferry & yes, we then had to WALK to the house. Matt didn't even bring the wagon for our stuff...luckily it's a small island. Remember, there are NO CARS on this island {only emergency vehicles}. That's what gives it it's charm. Finally we arrived...OMG...MAGNIFICENT...Trees everywhere - all of the houses, uniquely designed...deer crossing - I was in love.

My friends house was so cute. The boys gave up their room for us {how gentleman like}. There was even an outside shower - a very popular commodity! We felt weird eating their food, so we ate at CASTAWAYS. They even charged us for KETCHUP!!! Who does that??? We learned, next time, we eat at the house. Little did I know that was one of the hotspots for later on that

After a lovely tour of the 15ft island we got ready for the night life. Mind you, there are 11 bars/restaurants in one vicinity...that's it. I eventually made it to all of We started off at CJ'S & I had to get a Jetfuel {aka rocketfuel} drink - pina colada with a shot of amaretto - yummy. Then I met this guy Doug from LI who couldn't even keep his eyes open - that's how drunk he was off the fuel. We left him & his crew to cross the street to HOUSERS. Well, little did I realize, everyone pretty much follows everyone to each bar, so 2 min. later, there was Doug right behind me...

We had to get the Sippy Cooler; looked at some boats, did some dancing, watched our other housemate get kicked out & headed to the next bar...SAND BAR {most popular}. I could've danced all night long, that's all I could do other than scream...between the music being so loud & me losing my voice!!! So that could only mean one thing...Pizza time and then bed. We chose TOWN PIZZA...the dough wasn't even cooked due to the line around the block, but it served its purpose.

The next morning it was off to THE LANDING for breakfast and then the beach for a fun filled day in the sun! Jen & I decided to walk the beach in search of Ocean Bay Park {we were in Ocean Beach}. Turns out, we walked a little too far & ended up in the Pine Barrens next to Cherry Tree Grove. For those of you who aren't aware, FI had many parts...those are the "gay" sections {not that there's anything wrong with that!}. The whole island isn't gay, only certain areas, but don't tell anyone...

When we finally found what we were looking for, we ran into my friends on the beach...go figure! After dinner of bbq and clams it was time for another exciting night on the town. This time I had NO voice at all. I had to use sign language & I still picked up...haha. We started dancing at MERMAIDS, then headed to BOCCE BEACH where I met Jared - aka the "mayor" of FI. Turns out his family owns BOCCE & he runs the ONLY supermarket on the island. So everyone & I mean everyone knows him. He hasn't left the island since he was 8! He got me into every club through VIP entrance {back door}. After MACGUIRES I insisted we try MICHAELS PIZZA {he said no}, but I tried it anyway. Should've listened, it was gross! But we did get to witness a bike robbing {which is the number 1 crime on the island}. The cops let the robbers off easy with a warning - ooh the excitement!!! Copia Magazine:Fire Island

The next morning I had to try RACHELS for breakfast and I'm sooo glad I did because I had the chocolate chip banana pancakes - the most delicious pancakes I've ever eaten in my life - EVER!!! After everyone else left, Jen & I decided to go to the beach. Ok, so there's a game on FI called "TRANGLE BALL". It's a pyramid shaped handball game. We looked at a tournament the day before & figured out how to play. Little did we know but we were sitting next to the actual creator of the game! He's from Coney Island & he's bringing the game all over. I mean, come on, what are the odds? Ridiculous! It's actually a really cool game. You will hear of it one day - he was already on Good Day NY!!!!!!!!!!

After showers we were on our way to FLYNNS to see their famous Sunday Reggae Band in Ocean Bay Park. I still liked Ocean Beach better - even the people were nicer. Before we went back to the ferry, we had to try SCOOPS ice cream. I had red velvet ice cream & it was amazing! That was a sweet ending to a wonderful weekend. Remember FI is gay - don't visit, unless you're planning to switch to the other side...just kidding, but it'll be our little secret...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...xoxo...audrey

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