Bermuda (Part 2)

- Audrey LoPresti

Dinner at LE BISTRO - French Restaurant - we complained at first that it was too noisy but after some wine & Bernie at the piano there was no stopping us - especially Jackie who stole the show with the Piano Man!!! Copia Magazine Bermuda

Off to see South Beach Rave {very cool show} & then to the 70's dance party where we were "stayin alive" until the "last dance" lol. At midnight was the TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTY at DAZZLES or as my cuz says the "bus stop party at Spindles". Ok, for those of you who don't know what a Traffic Light Party is I will enlighten you - no pun intended...
Green ribbon means GO FOR IT - SINGLE
Yellow ribbon means IT'S COMPLICATED - NOT SURE {am I in a relationship?}
Red ribbon means STOP - CAN'T TOUCH THIS
It was fun dancing but there was no green light for this girl - I could've ended up in jail!!!

Of course sailing every day was beautiful & the day we arrive there's a monsoon!!! Go figure...

After the ferry ride, we decided to shop in HAMILTON town hoping it would clear up. Even though that didn't happen we headed to ELBOW BEACH anyway! Post the crowded bus ride, we hiked through the rainforest to this gorgeous resort where we ate at MICKEY'S {burgers were $20 so we savored every bit of it}.

Since you're in Bermuda with the pink sand {really only specks of pink, but I'm not complaining}, you have to go in the water no matter what the weather!!! As I stepped on the sand I was like "OMG!!!" It was the softest sand I've ever stepped foot on! It was like walking on pillows!!! I had to buy a bottle - my mom even bought some home in a zip lock bag! I'm so spoiled, no beach will ever be the same. I didn't go all the way in, but my cousin Gina dove right in! The water was still sooooooooo warm!!!

Getting back to the ship was an experience. Half of us took a cab & the other half went back the way we came: bus to ferry. We did get to experience the post office b/c my aunt M lost her phone {for the 2nd time} & the supermarket where Katie got her "green" souvenir bag. Copia Magazine Bermuda

Back on the boat, I went to SALSA - tex mex bar - & brought my dinner to the others. {After all it is FREESTYLE} After dinner was the group photo b/c Jan & I were jumping ship the next day. {I was in my friend's wedding & she missed her kiddies} We headed to the SPINNAKER LOUNGE for the Tina Turner Impersonator concert - she was excellent!!! Then to another comedic performance by David.

I was exhausted; it was bed time for me. The next day it rained until we got the cab to the airport. {figures it was sunny skies from that point on} We spent the day shopping at the MARKETPLACE {cute mall}.

Our cab driver was the sweetest man ever! He even gave us a tour of the whole island. By the end of that trip I was actually considering moving there. Yeah, it's expensive & they drive on the wrong side of the road, but teachers make a really good salary & I could picture my little green house on the side of the mountain with my boat in the bay...xoxo...audrey lopresti

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