Bermuda (Part 1)

- Audrey LoPresti

We cruised out of Pier 88 on the NORWEGIAN DAWN to "Dockyard" Bermuda. Our adventure began on Sunday, June 28, 2009. "All Aboard" & as you board they hand you a complimentary glass of champagne {that's the least they can do after spending over $1200 on a balcony suite the size of a shoebox!!!}
My sleeping arrangements: a pull out chair
My cabin mates: my cousins/more like sisters; Angela & Janice Ann Copia Magazine Bermuda

After we were settled, we took over the cruise by dancing poolside with John our sexy Australian cruise director!

I almost forgot to tell you the reason we were on this ship...It was my cousin Elaine's 60th b-day... we reminded everyone of that- not only by her pink boa, flashy pin & light up tiara- but we made sure every night at each restaurant, we sang to her & gave her the same coconut coated vanilla cream cake!!! There were 13 of us: me, Jan, Ang, my mom, my aunt M, Elaine {obviously}, her daughters: Michelle & Fran; Maryann, Katie, Gina, Jackie, & Liz...yes all girls/all related!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That evening we were off to our first "freestyle dining experience" - AKA pay extra for the same food on the ship presented in a different way. IMPRESSIONS Italian restaurant - note to self: don't eat Italian food outside of NYC or Luckily the 16 bottles of wine made you forget all about the actual taste of the food!

After dinner it was off to the comedy show - headliner - DAVE KEENAN. It was a family show but afterwards on the steps we got our own adult thing about a ship, the stars can't go anywhere b/c you will find them...haha!

The next morning, once again dancing by the pool, this time on stage! We learned some Jamaican moves - I wish they would sell the video! I decided to leave the fam & join the "pub crawl":
5 bars
5 drinks
50 minutes
25 dollars...the cheapest booze on the ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John promised a "cracker jack smashing time" so I went with it.
First we got to register & make up names for ourselves. I wrote ALO on my nametag. I met these boys from LI b/c their dad had an interest in ALO. According to my phone it was 1999 so I just told everyone my NCL {Norwegian Cruise Line} age: 22. It was believable considering the oldest single person on the cruise was 24, it worked...anyway back to the crawl... Copia Magazine Bermuda

I was also informed that the drinks were more like shots - so NOT TRUE! So I drank 5 drinks in what seemed like 15 minutes & they give you a 6th drink for being such a good participant {all fruit juice}, now you're completely wasted {especially since you forgot to eat lunch} As if that wasn't enough, the other cruise director says "Give her a FOUR HORSEMAN shot - OMG kill me now!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!! But I drank you order a 7th & this billionaire {you find out later on} buys it for you. Then her & her granddaughter invite you back up to their suite - their $25,000 suite that takes up half the ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A suite with their own private pool, jacuzzi, deck, 15 person dining room table, baby grand piano {I mean come on, who's playing the piano?}, 3 master bedrooms {the size of 10 cabins} equipped with their own dressing rooms {size of my cabin}, 3 bathrooms & their own personal butler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to feel how it is to be filthy rich for all of 20 minutes. When I asked if I could get my camera, they sent me down to the 13th floor {they're on the 14th-the whole 14th}, not realizing you need a key to get back in, I never made it back up.

Somehow where I did make it was the Bingo Hall. My mom & aunt were playing. Aunt Margaret asked me to put the raffle tickets in the bin down in front. Apparently I knocked the whole thing over & started dancing on the bingo stage! My cousins dragged me back to the room, where poor Lauro, the cabin steward, had to clean me up 3 times. My cousin Janice almost got sick herself & had to leave. My cousin Angela got out of the shower, wearing only a towel mind you, to help Lauro. At this point in time my Aunt M walked in only seeing them & asked "what is going on?" Angela's response "Now is not a good time" didn't look to good on her It was quite hysterical looking back...Needless to say I missed the dinner, the show - everything - woke up starving & dizzy, made my way to the Blue Lagoon {only 24 hr restaurant on this ship}. I quickly made friends with some folks from Poughkeepsie & ate everything on the menu!

Trying real hard to put the past behind me, I get a standing ovation at the pool for actually waking up & w/o a hangover!!! They needed judges for the "Sexy Legs Contest", so of course my cousin Jackie jumped up first {I thought I was crazy!}, Katie & I followed...we couldn't pass up this opportunity. After the judging, on the buffet line, ladies & gentlemen were saying "There she is Miss SI", yes I was having fun...

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