You've Been Challenged

- Deirdre M. Gurry

Geocaching began in 2000 and is almost impossible to explain to people who have never heard of it. But it has caught on so fast that, at the time of this publication, there are 682,289 cashes in the world and 62,622 people out there looking for them! That's right, I said WORLD. This is no ordinary game, confined to the living room with family or friends. Nor is it a game that can only be played in good weather, or during certain seasons, or even constricted to daytime only.

Here is the concept. You have been challenged. You have been challenged by someone you don't know to go to some place you have never been. To find an object that they hid there. It's a world-wide scavenger hunt!

The next question is always, "what do they hide there?" Sometimes it's an ammo can that can hold a few trinkets and such, but other times it is as small as a pencil eraser only big enough to log your name once you have found it.

There are so many different variations to this game that I won't be able to go into it here. Recently my freinds and I completed a "puzzle multi-cache" that took us all around a small town in Brussels stopping at memorials and foxholes left over from WWII, where Easy-Company fought. And a few months ago, my sister finished a cache in Pennsylvania that could only be done at night since the path that lead the way was marked by reflectors hidden up in the trees!

But don't worry. The beauty of this game is that there are Geocaches right outside your home and you don't even know it! Trust me on this one, you won't be disappointed. Who doesn't like a reason to be a kid again, romping around in the woods, looking for buried treasure!

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How to Get Started:

1. Get a hand held GPS

2. Log into (get account, it's free!)

3. Locate your home using the "map-it" function

4. Pick a geocache (or a few)

5. Load them into GPS

6. Head out the door!

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