Couchsurfing - Adventures in Croatia

- Alexandre Agassian

Croatia is a very beautiful country, especially the coast. You can see thousands of islands in the country. Copia Magazine: Croatia

After being stuck in a little fishing village named Karlobag, for 3 days, I still couldn't successfully hitch a hike, because all the cars passing by were full of tourists, with family and luggage; or locals, who didn't leave the village. I had to take a bus, even though I didn't like that. I had to reach Split, in the south of the country. Split is a very beautiful city; it was a former roman city, as Caesar sent his people here to create a colony. So the city is famous for its old roman buildings and ruins.

A year ago, I hosted a couchsurfer from Split. I thought he could host me as I was passing by his city, especially after so many days, spending my nights sleeping on the streets, bus or train stations. But after having emailed him, he answered that it was summer holidays, and he was spending good times in an island near Split, with some friends… I couldn't blame him, after a year in the university, he just wanted to have some fun with friends.

I was very disappointed. Not because I didn't have a place to sleep, but I really would like to meet up with him again as we had such good times together in Aix en Provence, France, when he surfed my couch. Copia Magazine: Croatia

Out of the disappointment, I decided to organize a Couchsurfing meeting in Split. When one wishes to meet people, either while travelling, or in your own city, it can be so easy with … You just have to create a new event at the event page of the couchsurfing website. You can then advertise it at the city or country groups. So, I did that. I wanted to meet some CS members.

Nobody answered to my meeting, except a lady, the CS country ambassador of Croatia, as she was in Split. In CS, some members are called ambassadors. They don't have any special entitlement, nor power. They are just volunteers who are committed to give some of their time to contribute to this community, such as welcoming new members, answering questions and helping members of their local community and travelers. There are City, Country, Nomadic or Global Ambassadors. Each of them has a different role. I am a Nomadic Ambassador, as I travel a lot now, but before I started my round the world trip, I was a city ambassador, in my hometown, Aix en Provence, France.

It was great to meet someone from CS after having travelling alone for a long time, but I always prefer to meet up with my friends.

I reached Split in the beginning of the afternoon, and spent some time visiting the city. Split is very beautiful, and, in the old roman town, everyday they organize a show for tourists. The performers wear roman costumes and they try to reproduce scenes of the roman life. It's free.

I waited at the CS meeting… for a long time. Finally, the lady came, but not alone, with my friend! Apparently, he wanted to give me a surprise, and it worked!! I was joyfully surprised. And of course, he could host me for the night, too.

We went for a drink at one of their favorite local bars, and then we had dinner in a restaurant. I had a wonderful evening.

Copia Magazine: Croatia I was so happy to meet him again, and, after all, it was better like this. I had an absolutely unexpected, yet extremely joyous surprise.

Couchsurfing is like a big family, and you can make some good friends through this network. As I used to do when I was in my hometown, I never left a couchsurfer alone in my city. My friend did the same.

That's what Couchsurfing is all about.

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